Meet the Team

Kimberly Zapata, Editor-in-chief:  Kimberly Zapata holds an AA in Liberal Arts and Certificate in Creative Writing, and is currently an English major at Temple University. She has been a contributing editor for The Point, a quarterly journal published by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), since 2009, and the editor-in-chief since 2012. She has authored several press releases, travel and tourism articles, and nonfiction works; is a freelance writer for, and wrote a short film, Number 148, which was produced in 2010 and screened at the International House in Philadelphia in 2011. Most recently, Kimberly had a short non-fiction piece, “Waterproof,” published in APIARY Magazine online.

Amanda Davis, Copy Editor: When Amanda was four she learned to spell—and she hasn’t stopped writing since. Over the years, her passion for the craft has grown. In high school, she fell in love with editing, and while at Rutgers University, she became a willing passenger on the “sinking ship” known as journalism, graduating with a degree in Journalism and Media Studies in 2008.

Now, Amanda writes about science and technology to earn a living. And after hours, she writes and publishes creative non-fiction pieces to express herself to the world. She also loves working with other writers to help them come out of their shells and get to the heart of what they’re trying to say. Finally, in Amanda’s words, “I’m terrible at writing conclusions.”

Jon Loudon, Graphic Designer: Jon Loudon is a graphic designer, and has been for the last seven years. He is a graduate of the Tyler School of Arts at Temple University. When he is not working on magazine layouts, business cards, posters, or other graphical content, he is practicing and performing with his band, Restorations.

Jon’s work with Transient can be seen everywhere: from our logo to business cards to online and print formatting, not to mention the banner at the top of this page. It is safe to say that, without him, Transient would look (and feel) very different than it does today.

Kareem Grooms, Intern: Kareem was born on May 21, 1993 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a boy he attended Greenfield Elementary, where he gained some knowledge of classical literature reading The Iliad and Shakespearian sonnets. He dabbled in theater since his grandmother, a teacher at the school and the theater director, often gave him lessons at home. In the eighth grade he moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, and in his junior years of high school he published a poem for the school literary magazine. Upon graduation in 2011 he was accepted to Old Dominion University but chose to move back to Philadelphia, as they had a larger writing community.

Kareem is currently enrolled at the Community College of Philadelphia; while he is still writing fiction, he has chosen to focus more on poetry because, “that’s just what happens when I write. Even if I wanted to write prose, it wouldn’t come out that way.” Most recently, Kareem’s work has been published in a University of Pennsylvania chapbook, released in October 2012.

Stay tuned for more Transient team biographies.

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