Welcome to Transient Publishing

Just a few decades ago, the idea behind Transient Publishing was incomprehensible (but then again, so was the Internet). Thankfully times have changed, and a space now exists for Transient Publishing: an online literary magazine which collects and, more importantly, shares the works and words of various artists around the world. Even when we don’t speak the same language, most ideas and feelings translate well beyond borders, and we hope to be a conduit for those thoughts and emotions.

But here at Transient we also hope to be more than just another online magazine; we intend to be an online writing community where writers can exchange thoughts, ideas, and both give and receive the much-needed feedback we as artists require. We plan to run four online literary magazines annually and several newsletters, which will include everything from upcoming Transient Publishing readings and events to topics concerning our writing community.

Since Transient Publishing is nothing without you, we encourage you to contribute and participate to this living piece of online art. Whether you write flash fiction, free-form poetry, creative nonfiction, sci-fi, fantasy, or anything in between we want to read it. While some issues may incorporate thematic elements, at least two issues a year will be solely dedicated to open writing–after all, this magazine is all about, well, you. (Please send all submissions to: editor@transientpublishing.com.)

We hope you enjoy your time here, and thank you for being a part of our community, Kimberly Zapata and the entire Transient Publishing team.

More information coming in 2012. Please follow us on Facebook for any updates on our progress.

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